Sugar Marina

July 9, 2021 2023-06-09 17:51


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SUGAR MARINA emphatically hold a ‘BOUTIQUE HOTEL’ principle which we intently immerse every single detail since the hotels concepts, creating harmonic stories then convey it to congruent ambience and design, and also adding senses of Thai Style service which becomes a perfect combination of International Design with Thai Style Hospitality uniquely deliver as a BOUTIQUE HOTEL.

We, SUGAR MARINA aim to be among the leading hotels of Thailand and will continually develop our concepts and visions as far as “The World keeps going round, we will not stop developing”.



Explore the coolest and most unique boutique hotels In Phuket. Enjoy exceptional experiences and unusual themed hotels in Phuket for couples, friends, and families

We realise that these new concepts have to cover all dimensions, namely, the unique character of the hotel while at the same time adding new inspirational experiences for guests and making their stays the most memorable one.



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